Etsy: September faves!

Hello hello and happy September everyone! It’s the month I was born in plus it marks official advent of fall season, so I am double happy. Yay! Speaking of fall, autumn has arrived in many parts of the world already. Yours too? Well, we are still seeing some late monsoon days here in Lahore, and I’m ALMOST hanging out of the window looking for official signs of fall… if any! But the good news is that many Autumn/Winter collections in design and fashion are out and I tell you they have loads and loads full of inspiration. There are lots of pretty tones of grey color in them. Yes, I’m thinking grey these days because paired up with the right tone of a bright color and in right amount, it can create both warm and cool look in a space. What can I say, it just goes about with every color…its grey!

So, without further delay, here are this month’s grey-ish Etsy faves!

Etsy faves for September

1. Express Gratitude pillow cover: A perfect little thing to sit by your side on a beautiful Sunday with a book and a coffee in a cozy corner. Is there anything to be more grateful for?! I guess there are many…gratitude is something that should never end…

2. Confetti zipper Pouch: This cute little pouch is so perfect and handy to carry little things for the day.

3. Mini photos: What a pretty way to add fine art, quotes and not to mention photography in your home office, in the kids’ room or maybe in kitchen by the refrigerator, right?! This looks so amazing. I loved the idea of hanging photographs with a string.

4. Ikat nesting bowls: I am a huge fan of green, in fact grey-ish tones of green. What can I say, they calm me down. And my current obsession for ceramics made me fall in love with these nesting bowls. They would look so beautiful on a breakfast table with yummy dips or porridge in them. Any temptations?!

5. Sterling silver bangle: Simple and elegant as is! It can go with any day dress on any September morning.

6. Porcelain candle holder: These pretty candle holders with uneven thin lines on them look so amazing. They will give such a fresh and modern look when lit up.

7. Let it be banner: Isn’t that true, right? It’s a cute way to remind of little things in life that are best the way they are. They only need to be accepted as is…

8. Driftwood Pencils: I always prefer using a pencil over a pen when I’m working. It’s pointlessly crazy, I know but it’s true. And that makes these driftwood pencils a latest favorite for me. A happy new marketplace to go

You can tell it’s me if you find someone excited to see a new and happy marketplace on the internet where you can go everyday and never get bored.! Welcome to the world wide web!

Have you heard of it?! I just did. Well, I would admit about hearing a little buzz around on the internet for quite few weeks but didn’t have a clue what it was. It has just launched in May and my…what a wonderful and unique idea it is. I am happy to see how creative and imaginative its founders have been. It’s a wonderful collaboration between makers and tastemakers. is a virtual marketplace where curators, bloggers and stylists set up their own shops and add beautiful handmade things (from the makers) they love to their shops. It gives a great opportunity to makers and creative artists to showcase their work through curators…well, I guess it’s kind of giving a second opinion to shoppers that they are in the right place buying the right thing because these curators (and bloggers) are the ones people trust for great resources, ideas and opinions. Don’t you think?!

And since I spot inspiration everywhere so I found pretty good things over there. They have a beautiful collection of things from home decor, to art, kids and everyday accessories that can surely add a wow factor to a home. I mean who doesn’t love to add some pretty handmade items to their homes to give a more unique and personalized look.

Do pay a visit to, there is so much to admire and they keep adding new things. website launched website launched

1. Leather clutch // 2. Eyeletta napkin // 3. Fig and Tulip notepad // 4. Ceramic spoon // 5. Animal tableware set // 6. Silhouette cuff // 7. Cork planter // 8. Stoneware bowls

Etsy Goodies: April and pastels go together

Etsy goodies in April

1. Have you started decorating, re-arranging and then decorating again for spring, already? Me too. It’s so fun. And since spring doesn’t stay long and hot summer season (I mean HOT) follows, my heart goes Pastel. The colors are so cool and not just good for mid-changing season but the best for 6 long hot summer months. So, this month’s first favorite from Etsy is this gorge geometric patterned pillow. Happy colors, right?

2. Though I am drooling over bright, happy and colorful ceramics for home and kitchen these days, but the opposite happened just now. I love this ceramic bowl. Yes, really. It’s so cute and subtle and I truly adore its organically-imperfect shape. Did I mention its color? Lovely.

3. Aren’t these little plants just pretty? I’ve always been a fan of houseplants because they can bring an empty space to life instantly. With pretty little planters, they can fit in any nook and corner of your living room or sit happily on your desk, side table or even your bookcase and say hello to you every time you enter the room.

4. Speaking of pastels, this gorgeous necklace in sterling silver is making me happy because it does the same job to my eyes as other pastel colors. It’s cool and calm…just what I would love to add to my collection.

Etsy Goodies: Faves in March

Favorites from Etsy in March

Favorites from Etsy in March

1. These simple and subtle + cute honeycomb pillows are perfect for my living room during long summer days, when I need lots of more-visual-space with the perfect pop of color.

2. How cute is that necklace, so delicate and pretty that can go with any casual day dress.

3. Coffee? Yes please. In that gorgeous yellow teapot?! Absolutely. Imagining having coffee from this beautiful piece every morning is already making me happy.

4. This wooden ampersand sign can make home in any pretty home office. I can already design one in my imaginations.

5. One of the must-possessed accessories is this simple and beautiful tote bag. It has lots of space to house all your stuff for a long day.

6. I think I just found what I was looking for. Salt and pepper shakers you ask? Yes. I was on a hunt for a few weeks until I found these little buddies to give company to my china.

7. A vintage necklace to make a style statement.

8. This pretty dipped white tray set is oh-so gorgeous. Isn’t it perfect to serve drinks to casual friends who just dropped by? Plus they can make a wonderful base for your little planters in eat-in kitchen.

Crush: Inspiring Illustration Quotes

Quotes. I can oh-so put lots of inspiring illustrations all over my home right now. In the kitchen, home office (that happens to be in my bedroom) and the main living area. Looking at them moving around the house all day can juice up my imaginations and creative senses. I can always use great words of wisdom ( and that too in pretty typos and colors) first thing in the morning when I wake up to get a kick start for a whole new day. I so feel resonating with so many illustrations that I see over at Pinterest. They are so simple, funny and happy but a lot more thoughtful. They keep up your thoughts on the right track, making you feel that there still is happiness and positivity around us. There are lots of petty things that can make us live the dream that we see every night. Inspiration can bring us the life that we want to lead for the rest of our lives… When the days are long and the times are hard, they can fuel you up and tell you it’s not the end of the world anyway. Happily ever after is still here!

Inspiring illustration quote


Inspiring illustration quote


Inspiring illustration quote


Inspiring illustration quote


Inspiring illustration quote


Inspiring illustration quote


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