February Column (Part 1): Favorite Greeting Cards

I had a friend at school with a great visual memory and even better artistic approach. She used to go to a stationery shop, spend some time looking at beautiful greeting cards, come home and draw exactly the same herself. I was impressed. Wish I could do that too.

A greeting card is the best way to wish someone and there is no need for an occasion. Does it? I once read somewhere that a greeting note has to have a personal touch to play its magic – Agreed! What could be better than a personalized handmade greeting card to greet your loved ones? All times. All days. All occasions. But words do magic too. Sometimes a simple printed card can be worthy enough to occupy a place in your drawer for years. Something that you can look back and smile at. Words + Colors + Typo = Happy You.

Greeting cards from PrintSmitten on Etsy

(Images: PrintSmitten on Etsy)


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