January Column: Guest Bedroom (Part 3)

Happy Friday, everyone! And welcome to the last part of Guest Bedroom series I started off during this week. It’s a happy morning and last working day of January (yay!). The days are grey again here and I am as excited to see fog outside as much as I was to see bright yellow sunshine a couple of weeks ago. But I did miss the typical winter rains this season. Really. There weren’t much unfortunately.

Anyway, back to work. I shared about a friend who wants to set up a beautiful simple and elegant guest bedroom with you. So, in the last two posts, it was about gathering up ideas of a simple guest room with clean and warm look. This post is in continuation to that.

Firstly, It was basic furniture; a light and airy bed with a dresser and small reading corner or maybe two chairs. Then it was basic furnishing; linens, nightstand styling, and some artwork. You can find them here and here.

Today is a good day. How about adding some rugs and curtains, or maybe some more color? There are as much ways to add pops of color to a simple guest room as you can think of. However, when it comes to rugs, better go for neutral shades to keep the focus off ground to those gorgeous pops of accents and colors.

Neutral shade of rug in a bedroom

Better Homes and Gardens

Curtains are a great way to add personality to a room. Keep them neutral or make them pop with color.

Pops of Blue + Curtains

Tobi Fairley

I am a huge pillow fan! I’d love to throw some extra pieces to make it more interesting.

Colorful pillows in a bedroom


A guest room needs to be more comfortable and pleasant to be in. Candles? Flowers? Sure! Or style the nightstand with a gorgeous lamp and some more tasteful decorations to give it a homely and warm feel.

Flowers and candles


Nightstand styling


This past week, my friends was about basic decoration of a guest room. But its your home, you can add as much class and style to it as your heart contents. Make a color combination that appeals to you best, whatsoever. Add decorations and accents in whatever style you like. But don’t just over do anything . Keep things simple, clean, warm and cozy. Make it a home, your way. There is no limit to how beautiful it could look.


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