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It’s happening…2014 is going through. We are already at the end of January, aren’t we? 1 passed; 11 more to go. We are all trying to slow down but time is flying fast. Still, we need to keep up with it. No? Yes.

I heard a buzz around on the blogs lately about what blogging was in good old times, what it has become now, and how it would be in the coming times. Some of them are even concerned about those lovely conversations they used to have with their readers…that connection has vanished and they miss that.

I started blogging in the days when online world was already going through a change. First people used to write about their passions and admirations, then they started making money out of their passion and that made their personal touch somehow take a back seat. But now, bloggers are slowing down and coming back to what they truly are. People. They are now realizing that they need to be more person rather than a blogger. I am glad I came to that earlier.

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to make this blog the love of my life; not just to post on a regular basis but to post straight from the heart. To write with more passion and love. Write about what inspires me and makes me happier and not just to make a living out of it. I believe a blog is mainly like a daily diary…the one in which you speak your heart out. Only instead of hiding it in your drawer you let the world swim through the depths of your heart. And you know what, that is such a relief.

I do understand that it would take me some time to adjust to the changing dimensions of blogosphere but I’m still excited to become a part of it. To learn and to share. To hear and to say. To read and to write.

Speaking of change, I am going to start a new monthly column here on Art of Decor Blog. It will be a series of three posts through a week each month about things I love and adore. Posts about things that catch my attention and inspire me one way or the other.

So friends, see you next week, with hopes for the best.


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