Blogiversary: Art of Decor Blog turns one!

Blogiversary 1


It just seems yesterday…and a whole year of blogging has passed. Art of Decor Blog turns one today! Though the story is no different, it’s just pretty much the same as every other blogger but the feeling for everyone is unique. The same excitement, same lessons, same confessions, same resolutions and experiences.

So, how did it happen for me?!

About 1 year and 2 months ago, my dad and a cousin suggested over a casual cup of tea that I should start my own blog. That sounded convincing. And the first thing I thought I wanted to write about was interior design and decor. Writing and design had somehow been on the back of my mind for many many years. Though I never tried to write anything, I had a feeling since high school that someday…I would start writing. But what, how and where…had no clue about that at all. And a blog was never in my sweetest dreams.

Same was the case with my interest in design. I had an eye for nice spaces but never tried to transform one in real. So when the idea of a blog popped up, the two interests got together. And the journey began

I was looking for a direction, and I found it, only out of the blue.

Call me lazy but I had never explored all those fabulous design blogs out there (what!). I mainly relied on design mags to fill in my temptation. But when I did, it was wonderful. There are so many great people out there who have an amazing eye for design and are doing great. Reading the “design loving corners” of their hearts was more than amazing. I learned so much from them…and still do. That’s not all, it’s good if you learn about how to blog too because the technical side of a blog eats up pretty much of your time as well.

And then…when it came to setting everything up, I can’t be more thankful to the greatest dad in the world! He did everything for me and taught me too. What this blog achieved in a year wouldn’t have been possible in many. And what I know now would have taken me years to learn.

So, this first year was less about writing and more about learning…and making mistakes too, but this is just the first step,,,it’s a long way to go. But I am most thankful to all those who taught me, supported and encouraged me.

So, that was it. What could be a better time to tell this story than the first blogiversary, right?

Anyway, a happy new year everyone and wish you a great year ahead with lots of smiles and hopes, not mention lots of blogging because I hope to see you more often, as they say, “you get addicted to it”, and so have I!


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